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HomeSeer Z-Troller Z-Wave Controller
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Our Price: $150.00
serial converters -
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without a serial port


Product Overview

Main Features

  • Recommended for Z-Wave networks with 20 more devices (since network can be backed up)
  • Z-Wave Inclusion Controller and PC Interface
  • Greater Range than any other Z-Wave Interface
  • Includes Add/Scan & Delete Buttons
  • 7-Segment LED Display for Easy Node Identification and other information
  • Works with Standard AA Batteries for Portable Use
  • Supports the Latest Z-Wave Technologies including Lock "beaming"
  • Supports Z-Wave Network Backup & Restore
  • Made in the USA!

Important Information

Welcome to the HomeSeer Z-Troller, the world's first and only portable, self-contained combination Z-Wave primary controller and PC Interface. This new device is designed to cut your HomeSeer Z-Wave network installation time and effort in half.

Optimize Your Z-Wave Network Instantly and Automatically!
Not sure your Z-Wave network is working at peak efficiency? Is that new Z-Wave device you just added giving you errors? No problem! Just connect the Z-Troller to your HomeSeer system and run the "Optimize Z-Wave Network" function. A command will transmit automatically to each and every Z-Wave device telling it to rediscover the network. The same command can also be transmitted individually to any Z-Wave device you wish.

Change Your Z-Wave Network with Ease!
Need to delete a Z-Wave device from your network? Just press and hold the "Delete" button on the Z-Troller and press any button on your Z-Wave device. Done. Need to move a Z-Wave device to a new location? Go ahead! The new Global optimization option will find the relocated device and re-add it to your Z-Wave network!

Quickly Identify Any Z-Wave Device in your Network!
The Z-Troller can display the node ID of any device. Simply hold the controller close to the device, press the "Scan" button, then press any button on the device. The node ID will be displayed! Use this information to edit or rename your devices or use it to create 'associations' with other Z-Wave devices in your HomeSeer system. This feature is also an excellent troubleshooting tool, allowing the user to pinpoint problem devices and eliminate shared node ID conflicts.

Easily Create Z-Wave Secondary Controllers!
A Z-Wave secondary controller is any handheld controller ("remote control") used for manual control of your devices. Creation of secondary controllers with Z-Troller is fast and easy. Just set your secondary controller to receive the signal and use HomeSeer to transmit the data via the Z-Troller. That's it!

Built-in Z-Wave Signal Monitor!
The Z-Troller displays the node ID of any device that HomeSeer is controlling or receiving information from. This capability makes it very easy to monitor Z-Wave activity and ensure devices are working as expected.

Need an Ethernet solution?
See Related Products below for our Ethernet to Serial adapter that allows you to install the Z-Troller anywhere you have an Ethernet connection!


  • RS232 Interface
  • Field-upgradable Firmware
  • Includes Zensys 5.02 SP3 "Installer" Library
  • Supports Zensys Serial API
  • Supports 908.42 mhz (US) Z-Wave frequency

Downloads (Manuals / User Guides / Software)

What's Included

  • Z-Troller Unit
  • PS2 to DB9 Cable Adapter
  • PS2 Extension Cable
  • AC Power Supply
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty

More Information


  • Works with all HomeSeer systems
  • Works with any Z-Wave system that supports the Zensys serial API
  • Works as a remote interface when more than one Z-Wave interface is needed to extend Z-Wave range. Multiple Z-Troller's may be installed with the HomeSeer HSPRO software or PRO controller. Multiple Z-Wave controller support is not available in HS2.

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Comments / Notes

Note: This unit operates on 908.42 mhz and may be used in any country that allows operation on that frequency (USA, Canada and some parts of South America, for example). Not for use in Europe.

April 2010 update - The Z-Troller now supports the Z-Wave lock class (beaming and encryption) and is compatible with Schlage and Black & Decker Z-Wave locks.


This unit is assembled in the USA.

To learn more about the Z-TROLLER
Call 603-471-2816

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by Mark
on 4/22/2011
Tremendous Range, easy to use
I don't have a huge house but I do have Z-Wave devices on 3 floors (basement, first and second). I installed the Z-Troller under an equipment rack in my living room (first floor) and the Z-Troller can reach every node in my home directly without routing! Highly recommended.
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