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PC Interfaces
Hardware interfaces for Z-Wave device control. Includes serial and USB interfaces
Z-Wave enabled wall switches and plug-in modules to control incandescent and fluorescent lights and appliances around the home.
Communicating Z-Wave thermostats for climate control of the home using HomeSeer software and PRO-Series controllers.
Door Locks
Z-Wave enabled door locks for use with any Z-Wave system. See this How To for instructions on how to add the lock to your HomeSeer system:
Adding the lock to HomeSeer
Garage Door Control
Products that control and report status for garage doors.
Motion, temperature, light and contact sensors for use in Z-Wave networks.
Water Valves
Z-Wave actuated water valves.
Energy Management
Z-Wave products designed to monitor and/or control energy consumption.
Fixture Modules
Fixture modules for contact closure control of a variety of products.
Handheld Remotes
Handheld Z-wave remotes that may be configured as primary or secondary Z-Wave controller.
Z-Wave enabled receptacles designed to control lighting and and appliances around the home.
Shade / Blind Control
Components for Z-Wave shade and blind control
Z-Wave Specialty Products
Z-Wave products that are one of a kind or don't fit neatly into any other category