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Product Overview
Main Features
  • Compatible with W800 and RFXCOM Receivers
  • Works with a variety of wireless sensors
  • This software is NOT free to HomeSeer PRO-Series users.
Important Information

The AC-RF2 processor plug-in is an application that enables the HomeSeer 2.x Windows home automation software package to process radio frequency commands and information via readily available serial or USB RF receivers. Convenient low-cost transmitters such as X10 Palmpads, X10 universal remote controls, X10 security sensors, X10 motion sensors, Oregon Scientific and RFXCom environmental sensors, etc. can all be used with the AC-RF2 processor. Currently the WGL W800, the X10 MR26a, and RFXCom line of receivers are supported. (Check with your receiver manufacturer to determine which devices the receiver supports. Not all receivers support all transmitters).

The AC-RF2 plug-in is a native .NET managed assembly, which means that interacts directly with HomeSeer rather than going through a compatibility layer. This results in increased performance and reliability. It uses a fully ASPX web driven configuration interface to allow for remote configuration and diagnostics.

Currently supported transmit devices are most X10 RF transmitters such as PalmPads, HawkEyes, Universal Remotes, and EagleEyes. Coded security devices such as the DS10A and MS10A are also supported as either standard X10 style On/Off devices or more advanced security mode devices. Security remotes that use the X10 security coding are fully supported. Digimax thermostats, readily available low-cost Oregon Scientific sensors, and high-quality RFXSensor environmental sensing and metering units are supported. The plug-in supports complete X10 code remapping, filtering, retransmission, and a unique device shadowing system.

Using the AC RF Processor coupled with a compatible RF receiver provides significant advantages over RF to Power line couplers like the X10 TM751 for home automation control. Reaction time for an event (such as a light turning on) can be up to 3 times faster when using a direct RF to computer interface like the AC RF Processor rather than RF to power line to computer interfaces like the TM751. Power line traffic is reduced as well, again increasing available X10 bandwidth for device control. Range and reliability are also greatly increased with a significant reduction in false commands being generated.

The AC-RF2 processor plug-in can use up to four receivers of any type simultaneously, greatly increasing the reliability and range of your RF system.

The plug-in actually multiplexes the incoming data from multiple receivers; combining them together to filter out corrupt data and increase the system response time and reliability. Advanced checksum and timing algorithms work together to make sure your system stays rock-solid.

Advanced features include:

• The ability to act upon commands only when a second duplicate transmission has been received from the same or another receiver on the same frequency, virtually guaranteeing that erroneous transmissions are not acted upon.

• A device shadowing system that allows fast and simple mapping of X10 RF commands directly onto another HomeSeer device, no matter what communication technology the destination device uses. Shadowing is faster in operation and setup than using HomeSeer events to connect devices like PalmPads or other remotes to lighting devices.

• The ability to co-ordinate reception of signals from multiple receivers of the same or varying types and on the same or varying frequencies.

• Low battery signal detection and tamper signal detection for X10 security devices that support transmission of these signals.

• Communication failure sensing and indication for devices that normally send heartbeat signals.

• X10 On/Off simple device or advanced state value device support for X10 security sensor devices.

• A built-in software security system for use with X10 security devices with advanced features like variable entry and exit delays, variable alarm delays, arm-home mode sensor exclusion, etc. Supports remote arm and disarm, email notifications, sensor malfunction detection, etc.

• X10 PC remote control support allowing HomeSeer events to be fired from buttons on the commonly available X10 remote controls.

• Several available DIM methods to allow dimming control without the RF and power line jamming (causing lost reception of important information from remote sensors) normally associated with holding down the DIM or BRIGHT buttons on an X10 remote.

• Automatic detection and configuration of security and environmental sensors.

• While most systems only 1 or 2 low-cost environmental sensors of a single type, the AC-RF2 plug-in has the ability to support dozens.

• Dedicated detailed diagnostic logging is available to help tune and troubleshoot your installation. This information is available at any time with the click of a button. No going back to enable logging if an issue occurs.

Supported Transmitters (check with your receiver documentation for limitations of the receiver)

All X10 RF remotes, motion Sensors, door Sensors, and security sensors.

All RFXMeter and RFXSensor RF transmitter devices.

The following Oregon Scientific sensors are supported:

  • Oregon-THR128
  • Oregon-THR138
  • Oregon-THC138
  • Oregon-THN132N
  • Oregon-THWR288A
  • Oregon-THGN122N
  • Oregon-THGR122NX
  • Oregon-THGR228N
  • Oregon-THGR268
  • Oregon-THGR810
  • Oregon-RTGR328N
  • Oregon-THGR328N
  • Oregon-WTGR800
  • Oregon-THGR918
  • Huger - BTHR918
  • Oregon-BTHR918N
  • Oregon-BTHR968
  • Inside Temp-Hygro-Baro
  • Oregon-RGR126
  • Oregon-RGR682
  • Oregon-RGR918
  • Oregon-PCR800
  • Oregon-WTGR800
  • Oregon-WGR800
  • Huger-STR918
  • Oregon-WGR918
  • Oregon-UVR138
  • Oregon-UVN800
  • Oregon-RTGR328N
  • cent-a-meter and Electrisave
  • Oregon-BWR102

HomeSeer 2.0.1 and later are currently supported by this plug-in.

Installation: To install this plug-in, simply select "updates" from the HomeSeer Help menu and install the plug-in from the updater.

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What's Included
  • Software License Codes
More Information
  • HomeSeer HS2 or HSPRO
  • WGL W800 or RFXCOM Receiver
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